What does GMB stand for?

GMB stands for Gold Medal Bodies

Here's how it came about:

What's the difference between a champion athlete and an actor who spends eight weeks training to look like a superhero onscreen? 

It's certainly not easy, but building a physique that lends the appearance of high-performance is pretty simple when compared to the decades of dedicated work it takes to rise to the top in a competitive sport or athletic event. 

When we founded GMB in 2010, we were fascinated with the idea of skillful movement and the kinds of training that developed it. 

What's a Gold Medal Body?

When you look at the bodies of high-performance athletes, you see that there's a wide range of physiques:

What they have in common isn't an idealized combination of strength and endurance. It's skill - the ability of the athlete to control his or her body to perform the precise actions that will lead to victory while improvising under pressure. 

A “gold medal body” is a body that does exactly what's needed in whatever context you're living and competing in. It's a body that responds to your needs and allows you to express your will physically. It's a combination of both capability and ability that's yours to command as needed. 

When the physical attributes of strength, speed, endurance, etc. are harnessed to your intent in skillful movement, that's what we call physical autonomy.

Alternate Meanings

Over the years, we've grown less and less interested in gold medals - literal or figurative. As a result, we're a little looser with our ideas about what the letters 'GMB' might stand for. There's a lot of possible interpretations, but here's a few of our favorites:

  • Gorgeous Meat Balls
  • Growing Massive Biceps (just kidding...)
  • Giant Mechanical Bird
  • Goat Metal Bobbies
  • Gyrating My Booty

Really, the possibilities are endless, so if you think of a good one, be sure to tell us about it :)

What GMB Really Stands For

Though the acronym itself is a vestige of our beginnings, GMB today stands for a lot of things that are still very important to us. You can learn more about who we are and what GMB is about, or read about our founders' origins and how they contribute to what we teach today.


Image via Howard Schatz

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