How is Focused Flexibility different from yoga?

Great question! 

We wrote a detailed article about how GMB and yoga are different. You can check this out here. :) 

In terms of how Focused Flexibility differs from yoga, here's the deal:

  • Yoga has a primary goal of movement and asana posture work as a way to improve connection between mind and body. And flexibility is a side effect of that.
  • FF is directly concerned with improving range of motion in the areas that you discover need the most work.
  • The positions may look the same (because some are taken from the different postures and even named as such) but the way they are performed with the FF protocol is very different.

Yoga is a fantastic way to become more flexible, and when it comes to flexibility, we always say to practice what you enjoy and what works best for your body. Both are great approaches to developing flexibility. ;)

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