How are applicants selected? Any pre-reqs needed to apply?

Want to apply to our Trainer Apprenticeship program? 

Fantastic! But before you do, you should have:

  • Prior experience with GMB training, in at least one of the following programs: Integral Strength, Focused Flexibility, Vitamin, or Elements
  • Some experience with the handstand (it's okay if you can't hold a freestanding handstand for very long)

And since this is an intense and rigorous training program, you should also be able to follow directions easily, and have a sense of humor! :)

If you haven't ever worked through a GMB program before, then please start there (and work through one of our foundation programs: Elements, Vitamin, Focused Flexibility, or Integral Strength). In limited cases, we will sometimes accept an applicant without any prior GMB experience. Email us directly to see if this fits your situation. 

Since we have a limited number of spots available for each training cohort, we'll prioritize applicants who want to learn GMB training and then teach it to others (via classes and workshops, or private training sessions). If you have no desire to teach others, but just want to have a deeper understanding of the GMB methods and curriculum, that's okay too! Just let us know in your application and we'll do our best to fit you in. 

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