Will GMB help me find a job once I've completed the Apprenticeship?

At this time, we're unable to offer job placement and guaranteed employment upon completion of this certification program. But we will give you all the tools you need to train and coach others in the most effective way possible. 

In fact, the last module of the course is dedicated to the business side of coaching, and making sure our trainers have all the tools they need to be successful. 

Many of our trainers have found that their GMB experience has made them an asset to local gyms, and have taken on positions there. Others have started their own training facilities and used GMB training to expand their range of classes offered. Occasionally, we'll offer short-term paid opportunities to some of our trainers to help out at a GMB seminar or as a part-time moderator in our Alpha Posse member forums. We'll cover these in more detail within the course itself. 

So the bottom line is that participation in this Apprenticeship will not guarantee you a lucrative career in personal training, or a permanent position at a gym/studio. We'll give you the tools, and what you do with them (and where you take your training) is up to you :)

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