What courses are included as part of the Apprenticeship program?

Our GMB Trainer Apprenticeship is an online coaching program. The program fees cover coaching and mentorship with Ryan, and we'll teach you the skills you need to teach GMB methods and run GMB-based classes and workshops. 

Part of the Apprenticeship requires having a thorough understanding of the fundamental programs of the GMB curriculum (Elements, Vitamin, Integral Strength, and Focused Flexibility). So, if you don't already own these courses, we'll give you access to each of them when you begin the Apprenticeship (so you'll have everything you need to succeed). :)

However, we do want to stress that the Apprenticeship fees do not cover the cost of GMB programs, and as such we will not be able to issue refunds or credits if you've already purchased these fundamental programs prior to starting the trainer program. Any other programs in the GMB curriculum will need to be purchased individually (whether you are a trainer or not). 

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