What if I can't kick up to the wall for the Handstand Facing Out?

Learning to kick up to a wall into a handstand can be challenging. So when it comes to your handstand facing out, you can just work on the kick up. Don't worry about getting into the handstand and holding it, but focus on kicking up as hard as you can and even just aim to tap the wall with one foot to begin with. You can do this during each session when it shows this exercise. Try kicking up to the wall, see how it feels, and then work on your kick up to really solidify that movement.

Something else you can work on are froggers and high froggers, which should help with building more confidence being inverted. This will be really beneficial for learning to kick up. Have a look at our article about using froggers as an entry to handstand. This is also a great exercise to help you deal with any fear you might have, and will help you build strength. 


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