How do GMB programs work?

Using a GMB program is easy! After payment, our system will send you to register in our super-secret members’ area, where you’ll see links to check out your program materials.
We've set up our programs so they are available in online streaming format, directly from any web browser.
Here's what you'll need to do.
  1. Log in to your GMB Account
  2. Click on the icon that represents your program (on the main member dashboard)
  3. Then, click on the training Phase or Week you are on
  4. Follow the individual instructions for each day’s session
If you'd like to view the program materials offline, you can also download all of the main program components (tutorial videos, PDF training charts) in the Program Downloads section for each program. 
Each program is different, but in general, you’ll find the following included in each program:
  • A detailed introduction with directions on how to use the site, how the course works, and what to expect
  • Warm Up and Cool Down Routines
  • Exercise Tutorial Videos (in mp4 format)
  • Printable Training Charts for each week (in PDF format)
  • Extras :)

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