Choosing Integral Strength

Integral Strength is an 8-week program designed to develop and broaden your physical strength, by taking you through a framework of whole-body movements and motor patterns. This program focuses on pushing and pulling movements, lower body strength and power, and core stability.

Integral Strength is a great choice for you if you are new to strength training, or want to build a solid strength foundation so you can take on more challenging skills. 

Most strength programs are designed to create maximal output in a limited range of movement. Yeah, they get you strong, but they don’t automatically carry over into your other activities. Integral Strength throws a lot of the usual assumptions about both strength training and bodyweight training out the window and reimagines how to use bodyweight exercises to create strength for performing activities requiring a high degree of physical skill and movement.

The end result will be that you'll find yourself doing different bodyweight skills with more quality and a sense of ease.

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