Elements vs Vitamin

Curious about whether you should choose Elements or Vitamin? This will help! :)

Key Differences


  • 8-week program that builds strength, flexibility, and motor control
  • Uses three core movements and their variations to build deeper capacities
  • Designed to build a solid foundation for more advanced training


  • 28-day program with a new movement every day
  • Focuses on control, efficiency, flow, and mindfulness
  • Designed to help you build a daily practice habit

Which is right for you?

Choose Elements if: You want to build an equal base of strength, flexibility, and control through an in-depth, structured program. You should also choose Elements if you are new to training, or just new to this kind of training.

Choose Vitamin if: You want a short program full of variety to help you build a daily practice habit while exploring new movements.

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