Want to start Integral Strength? This is the equipment you’ll need.

Here is what we recommend having on hand when you start day one of Integral Strength

➜  The main piece of equipment you will need is something to do chin-ups on. Here are a few options we've used:

  • A tree branch (check first that this is safe and okay to use)
  • Gymnastics rings
  • Playground equipment

➜  Then you will want something to do L-sits on - though these can be done on the floor it will be easier if you elevate your hands a bit.

  • Bricks or yoga blocks
  • Push up handles
  • Anything that is sturdy and won't tip over

➜  You'll also want a jump rope, it doesn't have to be fancy, any jump rope will do. 

➜  And some space to practice. Integral Strength doesn't require a ton of space, if you can lay down on the floor with your arms stretched overhead then you should be good. 

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