Making changes to your account

Updating your username and password

Worried that a a secret govt. organization is after your GMB goodies? Here's how to change your PW and Login details. 

To change your password:

1. 🖱 First Log out of your GMB account.   2. ✔️ When you log back in, click the "Forgot Password" button.                                                                                                                                            

To change your username or display name:

1. 🟢  Go to "Profile" in the top right corner   2.✏️ Click on the Pencil

Updating your billing details

Are you on payment plan and need to update your CC or billing address?

🚦First, head on over to your Account Settings page. 

✔️ Then, click on "Order History" where you'll find the details of your payment plan and the option to update your billing information:

Note: If your credit card has expired, we will notify you and attempt to charge the card on file up to 4 times until successful. Following the 4th attempt, our system will cancel your subscription, and you'll be unable to update your card information from your account. If this happens, email us at [email protected] and we can get you all squared away. 💳

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