Applying to the GMB Apprenticeship

So you want to be a GMB Trainer, eh? NICE! Here's what to do and how it works. 

Our application process is broken down into 3 parts. 

1. Fill Out Application Form

Get the ball rolling by applying here. It’s a short and simple form to gauge your current experience and skill level. We’ll review your application, and if this looks like a good fit, we’ll move you to Stage 2. 

We look at all applications as they come in, so you can expect to hear from us in 1-2 days. 

2. Submit Your Videos

In Stage 2, we’ll ask you to submit a short video of yourself, demonstrating that you can meet the physical requirements of the program, and a quick video introducing yourself so we can get to know you! 

Once you hit this stage, you'll have about a week to get your videos recorded and submitted to us. You'll also book a time to do a video interview with one of our Lead Trainers. 

3. Interview With Our Lead Trainers

In this video interview, we’ll address any questions you may have about the Apprenticeship, go over the time and training commitments, and talk more about what you hope to gain from the program.

After the video interview, we’ll evaluate if this Apprenticeship is the right fit for you. If all looks good—congrats! You’re in! We’ll then follow up with you directly to collect a 50% deposit and set you up on a payment plan for the balance of the program.

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