Diet and Exercise for Weight Loss

Training on any of our programs will support some fat loss, but 80% of fat loss is diet. Thus, we recommend making some dietary adjustments, which you can read more about in our guidebook: A (not THE) Foolproof Guide to Nutrition

In addition to working on a training program, the best thing you can do for fat loss is to increase your overall activity level throughout the day, every day: More walking, more running, add in quick movement sessions throughout the workday, walk instead of drive, climbing, dancing, jumping rope, kayaking, etc. Creating a lifestyle of more movement will help you not only lose the fat but keep it off, too.

Two things to note: 

If you feel like you are having trouble achieving your fat loss goals, despite "doing everything right," you may want to consult with your local doctor and review your bloodwork, as it could be an indication of a thyroid or hormonal issue. 

If you're interested in getting specific with your fat loss goals, give us a holler! While we don't do much in the way of nutrition programming, we've worked with some qualified people who have, and we'd be happy to pass their information on. 

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