How do I improve my flexibility?

Want to improve your flexibility quickly? We created  this article specifically for you. 

It'll show you how to decide what your flexibility needs are, identify what's holding you back, and get quick results safely. It's a good example of our approach to stretching and flexibility. We also have several flexibility tutorials targeting specific areas of the body, like the spine, hips, or shoulders. You can find those tutorials  here.

If you're experiencing plateaus with your flexibility training, then have a read of this. Flexibility is something that takes time, consistency and patience. It's very common for people to experience frustration with improving flexibility, however you can improve. This article has some great advice about how to get past your plateaus. 

And if you need more in-depth guidance, including a series of targeted stretches for specific goals, we recommend checking out our Focused Flexibility program. It's a completely customizable program for assessing and improving your effective range of motion for greater ease and freedom of movement. 

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