Is Floor One the right program for me?

Floor One is a 14-week program, geared toward beginners who want to improve their strength, agility, and body control. It's a completely bodyweight-based program, so there's no equipment required.

F1 is a good fit for anyone looking to build athletic body control through learning floor skills, like cartwheels and handstands. It's accessible to beginners and more advanced trainees alike.

Many bodyweight programs are made up of one workout that you do over and over. F1 isn't like that. You'll start working at a basic level and build on that over time, changing the exercises you practice with each phase of the program. And because it's a skill-based program, your progress isn't measured by how many reps or sets you've done of an exercise, but by how well you performed that exercise, and how your form improves over time. 

Learn more about the program, here

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