The total fee for the Apprenticeship program with full certification is $2000.

If you have no interest in teaching, or if you just want to learn more about the GMB Method and go into more depth with our concepts, we also offer the option to participate in the Apprenticeship without getting certified, for $1000.  

Full Certification

With full certification, you'll go through an additional module in the course solely focused on business and teaching workshops/classes. 

And upon completion of the Apprenticeship you'll be able to teach GMB programs and methods, and be invited to participate in events like our annual in-person Trainer seminars.  

Without Certification 

If you don't want to work towards certification, here's what you can expect. The course material is the same, but excludes the last module on business development. 

Payment Details

Once you're accepted into the program, we'll contact you to set up a payment plan (of 2 payments). The first will be due upon acceptance and will be 50% of the program fees. You'll then pay the balance one month later.

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