Curious about our program formats? 

All GMB programs are available for either immediate online streaming or download to your computer, iPhone, or tablet, which we find more convenient, and ecological (just think of the resources required to manufacture and ship DVDs and books).

If you've placed your order, you now have immediate access to your programs, and can get started right away!

All of our videos are recorded in true HD and edited to maintain the highest possible video quality for online streaming. We've also made all of the files a reasonable size for downloading. They’re optimized for viewing in iTunes, so you can load them onto your iPad or other portable media device for portability you can’t get with DVDs. The videos are completely compatible with both Windows and Mac software.

Training manuals are delivered in Adobe PDF format, which is the industry standard for document downloads. Chances are, your computer came pre-installed with the software necessary to view PDF, but if you have any questions about your download files, let us know and we'll get you sorted out. :)

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