Need more help with your training? Why not work with a GMB Trainer?

Looking for a more personalized approach or a specialized program? The GMB Trainers got ya covered! We understand that in-person training isn't an option for most of us these days, but several of our Trainers offer online coaching options.

Whether it's doing virtual sessions in real time over video calls, or following a program on your own time made by a GMB Trainer, our Trainers will have options for you. 

We have over 100 trainers in 22 countries around the world! Our Trainers specialize in a range of topics like martial arts, running, dance, kettlebells, and weightlifting. They combine the GMB Method and movements with these other modalities to make customized programs focused on your goals.
  Find a GMB Trainer or Event
You can search for GMB Trainer via our Trainer Directory.  

We've got a lot of Trainers, so if you need a recommendation on who might be a good fit, don't hesitant to shoot us a message and let us know what you're working on. We'll be happy to connect you with a Trainer. 

In addition to personalized individual coaching, many Trainers offer GMB classes or workshops, both in-person and virtually as well. You can check out all upcoming events on our Facebook page
Connect with the GMB Community
If committing to a Trainer isn't your thing, but you want to be more involved with GMB and get more out of your training program, you can also check out our Alpha Posse online coaching community.
AP is a place to get feedback from GMB Trainers and other community members on whatever you're working on, and help others out as well. You'll also get access to new exclusive content, as well as online workshops. It's where all the cool GMB kids hang out. 😎 (Not really, we're all a bunch of nerds, but it's a really fun community!)

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