Cardio Programs

Do I need cardio in my training?

It depends on the program, but most of our programs do include some amount of endurance training/conditioning, though there isn't much in Focused Flexibility Plus! :)

There are many benefits of regular aerobic activity and raising your heart rate to higher levels for a period of time is incredibly beneficial.

So how exactly should you increase your heart rate? You don’t need to do this on a treadmill, and you don’t need to just tack some “cardio” at the end of your workouts.

A better general plan prioritizes the skills and movements you’re focusing on mastering and uses conditioning to improve your endurance in those movements. It should specifically support your goals. This article goes into more detail on how we incorporate this type of training in to your GMB programs.

If you are interested in endurance training for a specific activity beyond the general stamina and conditioning you get from our programs then you would need to train for that specific activity (Elements will help you run better but it won't get you the conditioning you need for a marathon).

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