Using GMB Programs with Clients

Can I use GMB programs with my clients?

Aw shucks! We're happy you want to spread the love! We have a few guidelines around how this all works. 👇

If you're a personal trainer, you're more than welcome to "share" any of your GMB purchased programs with others, so long as you're not "distributing" our videos or content. Unless you've been through our GMB Apprenticeship and become a certified trainer, we also ask that you don't call yourself a GMB Trainer or promote classes and workshops as GMB Fitness. 

👍 "Sharing" would be considered recommending some of our routines or products to your students or guiding them through movements/programs using your own GMB account. 

👎 "Distributing" our videos or content would include hosting our programs off of separate/private servers or printing out PDFs/downloading videos and distributing these to others. 

If you really like us that much, you may want to check out our trainer apprenticeship program in more detail. This allows you to teach GMB workshops and classes using our method, plus promote yourself as a GMB Trainer.

If you have any questions about coaching GMB or our apprenticeship program, feel free to get in touch here, and we'll offer some advice!

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