Alpha Posse

Looking for a way of getting more out of your training and your GMB program?

Alpha Posse is a fun, encouraging online community where you can get feedback and support from our top GMB Trainers and hundreds of people like you.

The truth is that if you want to break out of your ruts and perform your best you need two kinds of outside feedback: expert coaching and supportive camaraderie . Both of which is offered on our Training Forum and in our Clubhouse. 

Two separate platforms, one happy family. 

Training Forum: You won't be trolled on the forums by  GettinBeefy5987 or never hear from coaches. The forums are a perfect place to post your training logs, get a chance to see what other folks are working on, and get your questions answered. 
Clubhouse: This the "water cooler" where you'll hang out, talk about your sessions and progress, and maybe exchange random knowledge about your favorite Japanese Whiskey or the newest Brandon Sanderson series. Unlike your standard water cooler however, we also regularly release exclusive content in the form of interviews, extra tutorial videos and tips from our lead trainers and Ryan, and Q and As. 

Here's the break down of what you get:

  • A Personal Tracking Log - Tracking your training helps you (and our coaches) see where you’re making progress and where you could use a little help. 
  • GMB Program Customization - Our coaches can help you find the appropriate exercises and schedule to tailor any GMB program to you—including how to use it for your broader training goals.
  • Q&A + Form Checks - You don't need a live-in personal trainer in order to make progress. But the right feedback at the right time will save you a lot of wasted effort and help you build the capabilities you want more efficiently. 
  • Exclusive Content - access to exclusive courses, tips, and tutorials specifically created to help Alpha members get the results they want

Want to get more out of your training than you thought possible? This is how you do it. 👊  Want to learn more? Check out the program page, here, or get notified when we're opening the community up again.