Holiday Sales

2021 UPDATE: We like to think of ourselves as open-minded. Though we've never done a traditional sale, we're willing to give it a test run around Black Friday this year.

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Sales aren't an idea we love. 

We prefer to simply make a good product, support it with great service, and offer it at a great price to everyone, all year long. 

It's one of those things that just feels right. Honest. Good. 

That's the way we've run our company since the beginning. Taking care of the clients who pay our bills. Partnering only with people we respect. Moderating the claims we make in our ads to make sure we're not overpromising. It's been a point of pride for over a decade. 

But a decade is a long time, especially on the internet. 

And in case you haven't noticed, we've had a pandemic, political upheaval, and massive changes in our relationship with technology and commerce. The world is a different place than it was just a handful of years ago, and the rise of Amazon and Facebook, etc. have changed the way people evaluate their options and make purchasing decisions. 

Despite our belief in the simplicity of "good value, everyday," we're aware that some people will simply never give GMB a try unless it's "on sale."

So this year, we do, in fact, plan to offer an easy way for you to start your first GMB program with a lower financial barrier to entry. 

Of course our hesitation has always been, "but doesn't that punish clients who've paid full price?" And when we really think about it, the answer is no, it doesn't. We offer our programs with lifetime access and continual updates and improvements. Once you're in, you'll always have a useful and up-to-date resource for improving your body. You'll always have access to our coaching staff. 

And most importantly, if you actually use the training, you'll be getting a heavy multiple on your investment back in terms of better movement and fewer aches and pains. 

Another thing we've discovered is that more than two-thirds of our clients who buy a GMB program go on to upgrade with additional programs later on. We even offer retroactive bundle discounts to clients who upgrade within 45 days of their first purchase. So as it turns out, the majority of our clients do, eventually, end up getting a reduced price. 

So why not offer that to new clients who aren't yet sure whether or not GMB is right for them?

It's an excellent question - one we're going to try and answer definitely this year. To tell the truth, we don't know how it'll work. But if we make GMB more accessible to people who need it, that's a win. 

And of course, we'll still have something up our sleeves for our current clients, because they're the ones who got us here, and we still appreciate that and believe strongly in taking care of the members of our Posse. So if that's you, make sure you're seeing our emails regularly, because that's how we'll let you know what we have for you. 

So yeah, that's about it. 

We've never done this before. In fact, we've been strongly opposed to it. But we're still learning and trying new things, and we're willing to proven wrong. 

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