Holiday Sales

Will there be a sale for Black Friday, Presidents Day, National Cheesecake Day, or other really important holidays?

In short: nope!

Major retailers like Target and Wal-Mart have trained us all to expect gigantic blow-out sales every few weeks. It's a great way to get you worked up to spend money on stuff you don't really need, and it creates billions of dollars in revenue for these giant companies.

That may work for some companies, but it's not how we like to do business.

When you stop to think about it, having "blow out" discount promotions at all is a pretty clear sign that the regular prices are a lot higher than they should be. After all, if a new pair of jeans only cost $39.95 the day after Christmas, that means two things:

  1. Those jeans aren't worth any more than that, and
  2. Anybody who bought them on a different day got screwed.

GMB isn't about screwing anybody, so we won't be promoting sales on Black Friday, Valentine's Day, your birthday, etc.. We'll be charging the same fair and reasonable prices as always, for three reasons:

  1. Our pricing allows us to offer the high level of service we're known for to every single client.
  2. It's fairer to the many thousands of people who have already paid full price.
  3. Whatever day of the year happens to be the right day for you to purchase one of our programs, we completely guarantee the value of your results.

It's not a flashy way to do business and get people excited, but it's the right way to respect all of our clients.

None of this is to say that we'll never offer a discount in the future, but as a matter of principle, we're not making a habit out of it, and if we do, we'll take pains to make sure it's one that's fair to our existing clients.

Thanks for understanding.

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