Our Location

We often get asked, "Where are you located?" And the answer is,  we’re everywhere!  

That’s right, thanks to Al Gore and the magic of the Interwebz, GMB is literally everywhere, sharing our love of fun movement skills 24/7 – even on holidays.

We can do this because there is no GMB Gym. All of our programs, courses, and coaching are 100% online.

This offers a lot of advantages, including:

⏱Convenience – Train on your own schedule, wherever you like
💰Cost – Download or stream several months worth of training programs for less than the cost of a single month of gym membership
🌍Accessibility – You can train with GMB no matter where you live

But mostly, it means that we get to train thousands of clients instead of just a few dozen.

If you’d prefer to work with a trainer, we do have certified trainers all over the world (in places such as... Mexico, Scotland, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and across the USA). They’re happy to offer in-person or online coaching to help you reach your goals. Find a trainer near you, here.

We also host in-depth, 2-day training seminars all over the world, several times a year. Check out our current seminar schedule here: GMB Training Seminars

And in case you’re curious, the actual members of the GMB Team hang their metaphorical hats in Hawaii, Japan, Oregon, Washington, Canada, California, Cambridge and London (UK), Georgia, New York, and Florida. If you’re passing through any of those places, you’re always welcome to invite us out for a beer! And ice cream. :)

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