Need Help from the GMB Team?

Then you're in the right place, my friend.

We're a small team, so when you get in touch you'll probably hear back from one our lovely people. 

Not only does this little squad answers hundreds of message and emails every week–exercise questions, tech issues, dog naming... they do it all—but over time they've compiled the questions they get over and over and answered them in our handy help section.

If you search around a bit there's a really good chance they've anticipated your question and have an answer waiting for you. Things like:

Choosing the right Program

Training with injuries and other health concerns

Combining your GMB training with weightlifting or CrossFit

...and all sorts of other stuff.

If you've tried but can't find what you need (or you just really wanna experience the magic of these fine folks) then you're welcome to send us a message any time. We always love hearing from you. 

We'll get back to you ASAP, which usually means about a day or two depending on how many messages we're getting at the moment.

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