Viewing Praxis Programs on a Mobile Device

Mobile devices should make our lives easier. This is why we created Praxis, a progressive web app that gives you easy access to your training programs from the web browser on your phone or tablet. 

It’s a pretty sweet setup, and it allows us a lot more flexibility to give you the best possible training experience. 

You can read more about Praxis here, but chances are, you’d like to find out how to make the Praxis app work the best for you, with as little fuss as possible. 
Here are some pro tips to make your training easier:
Praxis tracks your progress through each session, so you will need a steady internet connection when you train.  📶

Try bookmarking the GMB member dashboard or adding Praxis to your Home Screen.  📌


Praxis will keep track of the session you’re on, but you can always revisit a previous session via your Weekly Breakdown.

🔁 Simply head to the program you'd like to work on and scroll down to find your unlocked session. 

🤔 And if you have any questions about using Praxis with your specific device, our Support Team is just an email away!

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