Dizziness During Inversions and Rolling

Feeling dizzy when working through your rolls? 

That's quite common because, unless you're a ninja, it's something our bodies don't do on a regular basis. Moving between the forward and backward roll is especially disorientating for the body, but it's something that you'll get used to with practice.

Here's some way you can better acclimate:

1. Put a slightly longer pause after your forward roll and into your backward roll.

2. Reduce the number of repetitions per set until you're ready to build up to bigger sets.

3. Put some extra rest between each repetition to lessen the dizziness.

 Backward rolls can be tricky...       

 a progression you can try is to roll over one shoulder.

  • You put the arm of the direction you are rolling, extended flat on the floor and then use the other hand to push you over. So you are rolling diagonally but it helps with getting that push.
  • Also, tilt your head away from the shoulder you're rolling over to help your body move in the right direction.
  • You can also try rolling backward down a small slope. For example, if you have a mat or something to raise you up you can then use gravity to help give you the momentum you need.

If you own the Vitamin program, you can also find some of the basic progressions in there.

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