Why aren't GMB Floor/Rings/Parallettes programs available?

GMB was founded in 2010, and we've learned a few things since then.

Having hired a skilled team and trained over 100k people, our teaching methods and program delivery have improved. And that means we sometimes retire older programs and release newer ones in their places.

Here's a few of the programs we've retired: 

  • Floor One & Two   
  • Parallettes One & Two  
  • Rings One & Two
  • Focused Flexibility
  • Vitamin
  • Mobius

We've consolidated the exercises and methods from these programs into a smaller footprint that provides better results for most people.

We've replaced these older programs with the following:

  • For Strength:
    • Instead of Parallettes One and Rings One → Use Integral Strength
    • IS includes bodyweight exercises with (optional) bar, parallette, and gymnastic ring training. Where we previously recommended starting with P1 and then doing R1, P2, and R2, we've included the best strength-building components of all those programs into IS.
    • We suggest starting with the bodyweight program track, then doing one or both of the bar/rings tracks.
  • For Movement:
    • Instead of Floor One, Vitamin, and Mobius → Use Elements and Sequences
    • Elements includes the basic movement skills (locomotions) and combinations you need for a broad base of capability.
    • Sequences adds more dynamic and complex movements and combined flow.
  • For Flexibility:
    • Instead of Focused Flexibility → Use Mobility
    • Mobility is an easier-to-follow combination of the same stretching protocols used in FF with locomotion variations to integrate and consolidate your range of motion gains into your movement right away.

If you have any questions about which program to choose, email us at [email protected] and we'll point you in the right direction.

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