Why aren't GMB Floor/Rings/Parallettes programs available?

Since we started teaching bodyweight skills, we've learned many ( and sometimes interesting) things. 

And in order to concentrate on what we do best, we had to make some decisions about the direction of our curriculum as well as the technology that supports it. 

So, in 2018 we retired some of the programs that our company was founded on:  

🤸🏼 Floor One & Two  
⏸ Parallettes One & Two 
⭕️ Rings One & Two

We had positive feedback for these programs and our clients were gaining a lot from them. But we also started getting more and more feedback that had little to do with the actual skills, and much more to do with our method of teaching and how that approach carried over into other parts of our clients’ lives.

Focusing on what matters...

For some people, learning to do specific skills (like a muscle-up or a handstand or what-have-you) is the best path to getting what they want from their bodies; for many others, though, there’s a much simpler path. Focusing on moving, feeling, and functioning better is going to translate into helping you do better with all those other things you want to do in your life–whether that’s improving your BJJ game, moving around more easily with your kids on the ground, or just getting through your days with fewer aches and pains.

So that’s where we’ve put our focus over the past few years, and by retiring our skills-based programs, we're able to give all of our attention to what’s most important to our clients now. We've also made space to create new products that our also in line with this new focus.

If you want to read about this in more depth, you can check out this article about why we retired our skills programs

If you're looking to learn ring or parallette skills, we have tons of fantastic free resources that you can get started with. You can also reach out to our support team, and they'll recommend some alternative options for you!