Muscle Imbalances

There is no such thing as a perfectly balanced body. We all have one side that is stronger and more coordinated than the other. For some people the difference is minor, and for others, it’s more noticeable.

There’s no magic fix for this, but it is possible to improve it. If you’re experiencing any kind of imbalance whether it be flexibility, strength, or coordination, we recommend keeping things simple and spending a little more time working on the weaker side.

If you're looking for a program to help correct imbalances and even out your body, check out Elements. The movements in here help identify weaknesses so that you can address them and build a stronger, more balanced body.

We also have a lot of helpful resources offering information and advice on this topic, and you can find those, here.

Of course, if you’re experiencing any major imbalances that are causing discomfort and pain, we will always recommend seeing a doctor or physical therapist.

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