How to combine GMB Mobility with other programs

How do I combine GMB Mobility with another program?

GMB Mobility goes great with our other programs (and any other program or activity you are interested in doing). 

Here are a few ways you can set up your training to include GMB Mobility:

  • Replace your normal prep work with a GMB Mobility session done at the beginning of your training.
  • Perform a GMB Mobility session at the end of your training as your cool down.
  • Use GMB Mobility on your days off between your other program's training sessions as an active recovery session.

Any time you are thinking about combining programs it will be important to consider your priorities. Whatever you most want to improve should be given top priority. 

If flexibility and mobility are your top priorities then you would want to pick the 30 or 45 minute option in GMB Mobility.

If you are looking to maintain the flexibility and mobility you already have or are looking to use GMB Mobility as your prep work for your other training then the 15 minute session would be a good choice. 

More isn't always better. If you devote more time and energy to GMB Mobility you may need to reduce the time spent working on your other program.

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