Unlocking Program Sessions

Wanting to skip ahead in your training?

You're probably the same person who eats the frosting off the cake first, aren't you?

But listen, we get it. You're curious, you're eager, you're ready to take on the world. And we applaud you for that! However, when it comes to training, skipping ahead likely isn't the best thing to do. Trust us, we've seen it all. It's an easy way to get discouraged or overwhelmed.

Our programs in the Praxis app are structured to help you be successful in your training, so we'd like you to work through the sessions one at a time. This structure will help keep you in the moment and focused on what you are doing now. It’s proven to be a better way of learning skills.

Or maybe you've already worked through an older version of a program and want to skip ahead?

The programs in our Praxis app have updated programming, so even if you've worked through the old version a few times in the past, we still recommend working through the training from the beginning and progressing one session at a time.

Once you've completed all of the sessions in a program, your progress will automatically reset back to the first session and you can revisit the sessions as it works best for you.

➤ Bottom line: The best way to unlock your program on Praxis is to work through the sessions.
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