Training Schedule and Reminders

No matter if you are an experienced fitnesser or are just beginning, the main thing is actually taking that first step and starting up a new program. However, even the best programs in the world won't work if you don't find a way to be consistent. That's why creating a training plan that works for you can make a big difference.

Once you have your training plan, Praxis will keep you on track with scheduled sessions and helpful reminders.

Set your training schedule

✓ Head to your Schedule page in Praxis and click the plus (+) icon to add a program to your schedule:

✓ Add the program you're working on, and click "Save"

Schedule saved!

Start Daily or Weekly Schedule Reminders

📬 If you want that extra accountability, you can turn on weekly and/or daily session notifications. Ryan will personally come to your home and drag you out of bed! Just kidding...we will send you a reminder email, though. 🙃

✓ Under Update Your Reminders, toggle on/off daily and weekly schedule reminders.

Update your reminders!

Add Sessions to Your Calendar

🗓️ One more option to help you show up! If you like seeing your commitments blocked out on the calendar, you can add a program's schedule to your Google Calendar or Apple iCalendar.

✓ After setting your schedule, head to your Programs page and click on the program you want to add to your calendar.

✓ Click on the calendar icon to add the scheduled sessions to your personal calendar:

Pencil it in!

If you have questions about planning or setting your schedule and reminders, don't hesitate to contact our support team at [email protected].

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