Using a program with pain or injury

🤔 “Can I use your programs if I have (insert specific injury here).”

In this article, we’re going to tackle some of the most common concerns we hear about pre-existing conditions and injuries.

Disclaimer: we always recommend checking in with your doc or physiotherapist if you’re uncertain. What we can provide is broad based information to help you decide what is best for you. Nothing can replace an in-person assessment by a qualified health care provider

➡ Arthritis:

  • Focus on pain-free stretching
  • Focus on pain-free strengthening
  • Adjust movements as needed

If you’ve been cleared for movement, then GMB Mobility would likely be a good program to start with. We suggest taking longer breaks than is programmed. You may also want to adjust the practice time of the locomotion exercises so that you can progress gradually.

➡ Disc issues (including herniated disc, Slipped disc, or Degenerative disc disease):

If you are cleared to train by your doctor you should be good to go to get started with any one of our programs.

That said, if higher impact exercises make your symptoms worse, Integral Strength and Mobius may not be advised. Additionally, certain spinal extension movement can be painful and should be avoided, but that depends on your individual restrictions.

If you’re experiencing any numbness or tingling, you’ll want to check in with a doctor or physical therapist.

➡ Fibromyalgia:

Exercise can help but keep it gentle and slowly build up to find your own personal tolerance. As you know, energy conservation is an important issue here and we don’t want you pushing through pain or exhaustion.

GMB Mobility would likely be the best program. We recommend starting with the 15 minute sessions and stopping or taking a break when you become fatigued.

➡ Frozen shoulder:

If this is a brand new injury, get checked out by a physiotherapist.

If you’re aware of your current restrictions, shoulder stretching and mobility can be helpful (scapular exercises in particular) so long as you avoid painful ranges.

GMB Mobility would be the best program for you with modifications to any movements with arms overhead, like the a-frame and bear variations for example.

➡ Pain

Without knowing what is causing the pain we can't really do much. Our programs could help or hurt depending on what's going on, which is why we often recommend checking in with a doc or physiotherapist.
Here are a couple resources to get started with which include some solid questions to ask yourself about your pain: 
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