Elements Session Walkthrough

Let's get into how Session 1 of Elements works! 🤓

1a. First things first, open your program dashboard, then click the big blue button that says "start session" 

1b. If you've already started the session, you'll click resume session. To start again, you'll click that grey restart button on the right: 

2. If you're brand new to our method or just want to hear Ryan's sultry voice, we suggest you watch this video. When you're done, click "next".

3. We know days can get busy, which is why we made a variable time option. Select your optimal time and then press continue. 

P.S Because this is the first explanatory session, today, the session will be shorter than the option you select. 

4. When you press "Start Prepare", you'll get the tutorial for the first exercise. You can choose to sit and watch the demonstration or practice alongside Ryan. 

5. Once you've finished watching, practiced, and understood the movement, you'll press the "start" button to begin the timer. 

6. While the timer runs, you'll want to continue performing the movement you just learned in the tutorial. Remember this first session is a bit different, which is why Ryan uses the allotted time to talk about the functions of the video player. 

7. To move forward onto the next tutorial, you can either skip ahead by pressing the "forward" arrow or the "done" button once you've finished. 

8. After the "Prep" section, you'll have the option to report how you're feeling. If you click "Felt More Tired Than Usual" your session will be changed to something less intense. If you click "Feeling Good, Ready to Rock!" your session will play as usual.

9. After "Prep", you'll move onto the "Practice" section, following the same steps above. 

10. After "Practice", you'll move onto "Push". 

11. "Ponder" is where you'll rate how your session went. 

12. After you proceed through ranking each section, you'll have a chance to write your own reflections. When you press done, Praxis will save your session and open access to Session 2. 

And that's it! Enjoy getting Session 2! 🥳

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