Additional Exercise Tutorials & Help

When you're leaning new movements and challenging your body (and mind) in unfamiliar ways, you need clear instructions. That's part of why you singed up in the first place, right?

During your training sessions, we've tried to keep the exercise tutorials short and to-the-point so you can focus on doing your practice rather than worrying about perfecting each detail. Obviously, it's important to do things right, but it's also important to simply get on the floor and attempt each exercise to the best of your ability. 

And if you discover that you can't do it... well, now you know where you're at. 

In-Depth Tutorials on Selected Movements

We've also created detailed tutorials on some of the more important and challenging movements in each program so you can review them between training sessions and learn how to make adjustments to your specific needs. 

Key Exercise Tutorials

Addressing Common Sticking Points

Getting Additional Help

If you need more specific help or have a question about the right way to perform an exercise, you can always send us a quick message. We're here to help. 

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