Combining GMB Programs

Before we get into this, we typically recommend cycling your training instead of trying to make some über program. That being said, some of our programs are better suited to being combined with others. 

GMB Mobility and Elements: 

GMB Mobility and Elements  will work well with our other programs (and any other program or activity you are interested in doing). Here are a few ways you can set up your training to include these:

✔️ Replace your normal prep work with a GMB Mobility or Elements session done at the beginning of your training.

❄️ Perform a GMB Mobility or Elements session at the end of your training as your cool down. 

🗓 Use GMB Mobility or Elements on your days off between your other program's training sessions as an active recovery session.

The reason these programs work well as secondary programs is because the movements are less complex and the training volume is comparatively low. If you decide to use these programs with others we recommend selecting the 15 or 30 minute sessions. More isn't always better. 

Not sure if you should pick GMB Mobility or Elements? Read this article.


Vitamin can also work well alongside another program, but you'll want to use it a bit differently than how you'd use Mobility or Elements. 

Vitamin is a 56-session movement course which will help you build the habit of moving daily by focusing on a different movement each day. Because it's a skill focused program, here's a couple ways we'd recommend using this program alongside another:

🟢 At the start of your training before you dive into any training for the day

🤸🏽 As a skill-focused training day to be done as a training split: Day 1: Program A Day 2: Vitamin. Day 3 Program A, Day 4: Vitamin, etc. 

How you work out the programming split will depend on your goals. Whatever you most want to improve should be given top priority and the most training time.

Integral Strength and Mobius: 

If you're considering combining Integral Strength or Mobius with the three we talked about above, that's no problem. If you're thinking about doing these  alongside another strength program, here's the deal: Both of these programs are progressive and can be pretty intense if you're new to this style of training. 

Layering another program on top of one of these might cause overuse injuries or cut into your recovery time. If you want to get the best results from either of these programs, we recommend focusing on just them for the duration, and then cycling your next goal in once you're done. If you want to get more into this, you can check out this particular episode from The GMB Show.