Exchange Rates and Conversion Fees

We like to say GMB is everywhere. Even under your couch...

💰 The truth is GMB is legally located in the United States. This means:

  • The price of all our programs is in USD.
  • We keep our prices the same for everyone, no matter where you're located. 

If your country's exchange rate isn't the greatest, the best thing we can recommend is to save up for a couple of extra weeks or take advantage of our payment plans (when available). GMB isn't going anywhere, and the programs are constantly getting new improvements and updates. Plus, your results are guaranteed.

Heads up: If you're paying for a program with a non-US bank account or credit card, there may be a conversion fee for purchasing the program in your country's currency. These fees aren't from GMB Fitness. They're assessed by your bank or credit card company and determined by the ever-changing market. Contact your bank or credit card company directly for more specifics on the exact fees.

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