Becoming a GMB Trainer

So you want to become a GMB trainer, so you can look just like this guy 👇? 

Okay, weirdo...

The Low-down

All GMB Trainers go through our 3-month Trainer Apprenticeship program. Unlike many other certification programs out there, we don't just issue you a piece of paper and send you on your way. 

During the Trainer Apprenticeship program you’ll get ongoing mentorship and instruction from our top GMB coaches. As part of the process, you'll post your questions and videos to a private forum where you'll receive ongoing feedback and support for the duration of the program.

Once you graduate and become a Certified GMB Trainer, it'll be time to spread your 🦋 wings and lead your own classes and workshops to share what you've learned. 

P.S This course is 100% online. 

Our application process is broken down into 3 parts. 

1. ✍️ Fill Out the Application Form

Get the ball rolling by applying here. You'll find a short and simple form to gauge your current experience and skill level. We’ll review your application, and if it's a good fit, we’ll move you to Stage 2. The only pre-requisite to applying is having completed our Elements program. 

We look at all applications as they come in, so you can expect to hear from us in 1-2 days. 

2. 📹 Submit Your Videos

In Stage 2, we’ll ask you to submit a short video introduction of yourself where you'll also demonstrate that you can meet the physical requirements of the program. 

Once you hit this stage, you'll have about a week to get your videos recorded and submitted to us. 

3. 🤓 Get All the Details

We'll send you a video that goes over what's included in the program, how it all works, what's expected of our candidates, and what happens after you graduate. We invest a lot of time into our candidates and Trainers, and we want to make sure the program is a good fit before moving forward. 
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