Training and Pregnancy

Many of our clients have asked us how to train during or after pregnancy, safely. It's an area where there's a lot of misconceptions (including the idea that  any exercise is dangerous!) so we created this guide to help. 

In it, we debunk the myths and give common-sense guidelines for training during pregnancy. Plus, we've included some exercises that can be especially helpful for common aches and pains in late pregnancy. 

But here's a quick summary of what we recommend: 

Training During Pregnancy 🤰

For the most part, you can start or continue working on a GMB program during your pregnancy.

We strongly encourage you to first consult with your doctor to ensure that this kind of exercise is appropriate for you. Feel free to show your doctor some of the GMB programming to give them an idea of the kinds of movements you'll be working on.

In general, here's what you can keep in mind as you train. 

  • During the first and second trimesters, you likely be able to do pretty much everything you normally do, and some women report feeling a lot of energy in the second trimester. 
  • Avoid doing higher impact exercises (like running and jumping), especially during the third trimester.

To keep yourself safe, it's important to focus on doing controlled, mindful movements in your training and maintaining good form with each movement. Don't push yourself into high levels of exertion or fatigue. 

After Your Pregnancy 👶🍼

During the first few weeks and months, in addition to the changes your body has gone through and will continue to go through, you’ll have some new challenges that can make training difficult, including lack of sleep, carrying around a newborn, and hormonal changes.

But in most cases, the sooner you can get back to moving around after you give birth, the better. 

Again, even if that just means starting to walk around the block with your baby, or doing some stretches in your living room while the baby naps, it’ll help you get back to feeling and moving the way you did pre-pregnancy. 

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