Elements Track Options Explained - Gradual, General, Accelerated

Elements includes three track options that control the difficulty setting of the program. Here's how we define each setting:


Recommended for beginners or after an injury, this track introduces new movements over a longer period so you can learn and progress at a comfortable pace. This is great if you don't feel ready to jump into more advanced movements right away.


This is the version we've had as part of the program for a while, it's designed to progress at a slower, more consistent pace. It's a better choice if you're looking to deepen your understanding of movements and refine your technique.


This one gets to the combinations and more challenging variations sooner. We recommend this track for people who have more training experience, or if you've already completed Elements in the past. It’s also great if you have time constraints and need to fit Elements into a busy schedule.

Want to change tracks?

You can change tracks by going to the Elements program page and then clicking "Change" next to the Track Options.

Track Options in Elements

Note: Changing tracks will reset your progress, so you'll start over from the beginning of the program.

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