How to use a prop for support

 Do you find yourself falling backwards every time you try to get into a squat?

No need to despair You can still work on the bodyweight squat. All you'll need is a prop. 

Most things that are stable and sturdy can work as a prop. You can use a door frame, a bed frame, a pull up rack, a couch, your significant other, etc. 

Let's get into how to use a prop to work on your squat: 

1.  Hold on to your prop at about hip height.
 2. Sit back as though you’re sitting into a chair, focusing on keeping the chest up and core engaged. 
 3. Lower yourself into the full squat. 
 4. Use the prop to help yourself stand straight up, rather than rounding forward to stand up.
 5. Gradually use the prop to improve your squat depth by focusing on driving the hips slightly back and down. 

Perfect Your Technique Without the Use of Props

Finally, once you’ve improved your balance and posture using a prop to assist you, you can start working on your technique without the help of the wall. Here are some technique cues:
🦶 Keep feet shoulder width apart.
👍 Roll shoulders back and down, and with arms extended, point thumbs up.
🪑 Sit the butt back as though you’re sitting into a chair.
⬆️ Keep the chest up.
🧐 Maintaining that position, stand up straight by thinking of a rope pulling you through your head.
We also have this video you can check out, where Ryan talks in more detail about how to practice these tips and how to work within your capabilities: 

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