Can't get your heels down? Try this instead

Are you working through a GMB program and still having a hard time getting your heels down in your squat, your A-frame, or a locomotive movement?

That's totally okay! You can still carry on with the program, and make some adjustments to how you practice the movements. 
With any movement it's important that you’re doing it in a way that’s comfortable for you, and not forcing it. If you can’t get into the exact positions you see in the program, it doesn’t mean you can’t work on them. You can adjust each movement based on where you're at.
Here's how we recommend making adjustments to the two main positions clients tend to have trouble with:
  • A-frame: It’s fine to have your heels lifted when you’re in your A-frame position. You can even bend your knees a little if you need to. Still think about pushing your heels towards the ground, but don't worry if they aren't there yet.
  • Squat: Having your heels lifted so that you're up on the balls of your feet is a great way to practice your squat. It will make your monkey and frogger feel more smooth and controlled. It means you can keep your feet shoulder width apart, rather than having to have a wider stance. 

When you're working on any movement that involves a squat or an A-frame, you can adjust the position in a way that feels comfortable for you. This will allow you to practice with more confidence and ease.  
But will I still be improving my ankle flexibility? 

Yes, absolutely! You'll still be improving your mobility and flexibility even with these adjustments. Over the course of the program you can work towards getting your heels down towards the ground. We also have a great article about the feet and ankles. It includes different exercises and stretches that improve flexibility and mobility. So if you want to spend a little extra time working on this, this is a super helpful resources to use: Foot and Ankle Flexibility

If you're still unsure of whether you're making progress or need more advice on how to make modifications,  just head over here and we'll help you out.

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