Family Discounts

Whether you've got kiddos, a spouse, or a dog, GMB is great for the whole family. 

🐶 Okay, so maybe your dog doesn't need a GMB account...

But if one of your immediate human family members (or a friend living in the same household) would like program access, we can hook them up with any current program that you own, with a 50% discount. 

Working on a program with a buddy is one of the best ways to stay motivated and consistent with your training, and we love it when families or housemates work on our programs together!

How to Hook up a Family Member 👩👩👦

1. Purchase your own program first, if you haven't already.

2. Send us an email (or reply to your purchase confirmation) and let us know you'd like to add a family member. In the email, be sure to include their name and email address.

3. We'll send you to a checkout page to purchase their discounted program.

4. Once you complete the payment, we'll handle the rest. We'll manually hook up your family member's account and send them a welcome email with their login info.

5. Enjoy! 😄

Thanks for sharing GMB! 

Note: To use this discount, the additional program must be purchased using the same account/payment method as the original program, and we reserve the right to close the account and refund in cases of abuse. Family discounts aren't retroactively available prior to December 2020. 

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