Coupon Codes and Discounts

We’re all trying to save cash where we can. So we can buy lots of…protein powder?

The Low-down 🤔 

A lot of companies online hand out discounts or coupons to encourage sales of otherwise overpriced products. We mostly use them so our support team can help clients make exchanges and upgrades more easily.

What we don't do is a bunch of sales that offer a lower price for the lucky few who have a coupon, while everyone else is stuck paying more. We don’t think that’s an honest way to do business.

Instead, we offer the same fair prices every day, everywhere, so everyone can rest assured they’re getting the best value. We promise that the best price available for any GMB program will always be plainly visible on our website.

That said, here's how you can get a discount on a program:  

💰Attend a local GMB seminar or workshop
💰Buy a program at full price, then contact us to upgrade to a bundle (see below)
💰Sign up to our mailing list to receive notifications about upcoming promotions. While there will never be a hidden coupon floating around somewhere in the internet ether, we do occasionally run promotions or specials that we'll let everyone on our mailing list know about. 

The bottom line is that you don't need a coupon to get the best deal at GMB. The price you see is the same price everybody pays, and it’s always backed by our program guarantee

Save with Bundles

If you want to make sure you get the best deal, we offer discounted pricing with our program bundles! If you're unsure what to start with, just send us an email at [email protected] and we can help you out. 

If you've already purchased one or more programs within of the bundles, we can upgrade you at the discounted rate, so long as you contact us within 45 days of your initial purchase date. 

Scholarship Nomination Program

Know somebody who has an extraordinary need for a GMB program? Or someone who deserves special recognition? This is your chance to pay it forward.

You can fill out a quick two minute form and put someone forwards for our scholarship. For terms and conditions, take a look here.

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