Restarting Your Program

Sometimes, and more often than we'd like, we have to put a hold on our exercise. Whether it's getting sick, or craziness at work, or getting hurt ice climbing (true story), or maybe it was that a couple of lazy days turned into a couple of weeks. Nothing wrong with that at all, a nice break can do you good. But then when you think about getting back into training, it might seem that the best thing to do is to go back to the beginning of the program and start over. Back to "Square One".

But this is almost always the wrong approach. 

You'll get far better results simply by picking up where you left off and just starting at whatever the next session was when you stopped. 

Do this and make it a short one. 

15 minutes is perfect for your first time back.

Low-Intensity sessions are also available in most of our programs. To start a low-intensity session:

  • Start the next session that Praxis is offering (no need to start over!)
  • Complete the Prep exercises
  • After the Prep exercises, a screen will pop up asking how you are feeling
  • Choose "Felt More Tired than Usual" 
  • Then click on "Load up a Low-Intensity Session"

From there, it's pretty easy to just keep moving forward and adjusting as you go along with the program. We've already built in all the repetition you need, and you can learn to autoregulate the intensity you put into each movement. 

That's not Square One. That's exactly how the program was designed. Because we, like you, know that life has it's ups and downs.

If you're ready to play the ball where it lies... well, here it is :)

If you're stuck, send us a message at [email protected]. We can help!

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